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Teen Magazine

July 27, 2004 Teen magazine has named 14 year-old Anya Eber and her 12 year-old sister, Yvonne, of Bainbridge to its short list of "Top Teens Making a Difference". "We went through a highly selective process to find Anya and Yvonne," says Damon Romine, Deputy Editor of Teen. "The sisters stood out to us for their early commitment to helping others. Since January 2003, the girls have been biking around the world, raising money for asthma research and treatment." Riding on tandem bikes with signs advertising their cause, the Eber sisters are traveling through 25 countries to raise money for World Bike for Breath, a nonprofit organization supporting asthma research and treatment programs. "It's really fun to see all the cultures, meet people and see everything of the world," Yvonne says. The Eber sisters' mother has had severe asthma since she was a toddler, which is why the girls and their family have devoted themselves to raising money to find a cure. "The medications don't cure you," says Ana. "They just make sure you don't get an attack." The family hopes to raise $5 million by the time they end their journey. The Eber sisters and their story are highlighted in the Fall 2004 issue of Teen, which hits newsstands on August 3.

For the second year in a row, Teen magazine has selected and profiled "Top Teens Making a Difference". Teens do not apply for the recognition. Instead, Teen conducts a three-month long, intensive, selective search for teens who, through their courage, hard work and dedication, are making significant impact on their communities. The magazine invites readers to learn how these teens are using their hearts and smarts to make the world a better place. "By helping others, these teens are making an impact that deserves attention," says Romine. "In addition to recognizing their outstanding work," he says, "we are presenting positive role models to our readers." The magazine not only showcases the winning teens but also encourages readers to get involved. Each profile ends with a recommendation to readers for how they, too, can make a difference. Teens in Bainbridge can find out about supporting asthma research and treatment on

Updated: November 25, 2004

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