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Cherishing Little Comforts

November 5, 2003 Cherishing Little Comforts, By Yvonne
ďWeíre staying in a hotelĒ. These words echoed through my head. Along with these words came thoughts of a warm bed, a pillow and the many small amenities that come with hotels. Lately I have come to cherish little comforts that don't come with packable rooms that can barely fit me and my 13 year old sister. Since I have been biking around the world for four months now, I have come to love a bed that doesnít have to be stuffed up in a bag everyday and stuck on a bike. I have come to love a room that has insulation so in the middle of the night you donít have a small ice rink at your feet (because water came in your tent some how or other and froze at a temperature of zero degrees).

There are many other things I cherish and one of them is my own space. Considering that my sister and I have to sleep in a three by six foot space for one whole year and a half and considering that my sister loves to spread out when she sleeps, it is very hard and uncomfortable to get to sleep when you are squished at the bottom of the already too small tent with your sisterís elbow stuck in your back.

Perhaps most of all, however, I cherish eating food I recognize. I donít mind eating beaver or slimy pickled mushrooms that leave a jelly like goo all over your plate that gets all over your other food. But really I canít help getting excited about eating a real American hamburger without coleslaw in it. (A coleslaw hamburger is a Polish favorite). I really love this trip but thereís nothing better than having a few small comforts along the way.

Last Updated: November 5, 2003

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