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Essay From Yvonne

May 29, 2003 Following is Yvonne's latest essay:

Yesterday I went to the temple of the Oracle of Delphi. This is a big temple that used to have a specially picked lady (the Oracle) who supposedly knew the future. Ancient Greeks believed that Apollo, the Sun God, gave her answers to the future. Many people from different lands would come to the Oracle to ask her about the future.

When the people got to Delphi they would go up a path called the Sacred Way to the city state's treasury. Then they would pay the priests to visit the Oracle and climb up the steps of the temple where they would meet a priest at the door. Then the priest would lead the person into the temple. There would be a black curtain around a hole in the floor of the middle of the temple. Inside the hole would be a large three legged stool where the Oracle sat. Around the Oracle would be fumes from a volcanic crack that would make her go into a trance.

Next the person would ask the Oracle a question and she would start spouting out random words while the priest wrote down everything she said. Finally when she was done the priest would put the words together ad it always ended in a riddle. Sometimes the people figured out the riddle and sometimes they didn't. Today Delphi is in ruins but somehow the Oracle's spell still hangs over it.

-- Yvonne

Last Updated: May 29, 2003

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