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World Bike Bits

Bits and stories about World Bike for Breath. A Bulletin for sponsors. Volume 1. December 2002

Pulmonary lab founded in India

No longer will Calcutta mothers wrapped in saris sit by the bedside of their coughing, choking children praying for the day that they can save enough money for the bus fare to the closest pulmonary clinic, over 205 miles away. With the arrival of a computerized spirometer, oximeters, nebulizers and peak flow meters donated by World Bike for Breath, a new pulmonary lung function laboratory is opening this December to treat an estimated 20,000 people with asthma and lung diseases in the city made famous by Mother Theresa.

The laboratory is part of an ongoing program by International Asthma Services to provide respiratory care to the millions of poor around the world. Services will be provided at minimal to no cost. We are very excited about this new program,” says Paula Holmes-Eber, President of World Bike for Breath, “Since respiratory illnesses are the leading cause of death of children in the developing world, we felt that our sponsors would be proud to be part of such an important international program.”

Did you know?

  • Someone dies from asthma every 1.7 hrs.
  • 1 in 10 Americans has asthma
  • Asthma rates have doubled since 1980
  • Each year as many Americans die from asthma related causes as from AIDS

Eber family kick-off ride starts Dec. 26

Welcome Medical Advisory Board !

World Bike for Breath is honored to welcome the following asthma specialists to our new Medical Advisory Board:

Gail Shapiro, M.D.
Greg Redding, M.D.
Gary Ayars, M.D.
Len Hudson, M.D.
Margaret Rosenfeld, M.D.
Teal Hallstrand, M.D. MPH

The Eber Family

Updated: Feb 15, 2003

Thanks to our sponsors!

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