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Update From Rodos

Update From Anya and Yvonne
The following update was emailed by Anya and Yvonne Eber on May 14, 2003 from an Internet Cafe in Rodos, Greece

Dear class,
This is Anya. For those of you who don’t know me I’m 13 years old and in 7th grade. I am currently in Athens Greece, at the beginning of our world bicycle trip, It has been an amazing adventure seeing all the ruins of Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilization. I hope the following essay will give you a bit of an idea of what it is like seeing these world wonders.

Anya Eber

May 14, 2003
As sunset started to stroke Athens with the vibrant shades if her paintbrush I smiled. After dodging through the busy streets of Athens we had finally made it to the Agora. The grove of persimmon trees resembled more of a garden then the ancient Greek center, for knowledge, learning, and government.

Trudging along the dusty path I began to wonder if perhaps the Agora was nothing more than just that-- a fragrant garden. But as if to prove my thoughts wrong our path began to reveal larger and more exciting ruins. And then finally just as I was anticipating another well or statue we came upon the tall and endless stretching pillars of the stoa. These massive columned buildings had served the powerful and impoverished in a place to converse, shop, and dwindle away the hours of endless summer heat.

I stared at the now deserted corridors. And then there staring into the remains of one of the world’s most amazing civilizations I began to wonder if perhaps our civilization could use a few persimmon groves to slow down life’s busy pace ourselves. Looking out over the sloping hills of the persimmon groves and out upon the tall apartment buildings of Athens I finally understood that in our world of cell phones and palm pilots there still existed the roots of ancient civilization and that here forever our world would be as much impacted by the past as the future.

Dear class,
Hi my name is Yvonne Eber to those who don't know me. This is my first newsletter from my bike trip around the world. Hope you have fun being part of my adventure.

May 14, 2003
Today I went to the Acropolis in Athens Greece (the famous hill where ancient Greek people went to worship gods) and found out many things. First I learned about all the different parts of the temple such as: the pediment (the triangular part of the temple roof), the columns (the big marble poles that hold up the roof of the temple), the me-topes (the pieces of marble that stick out of the pediment for decoration) and much much more. Next I went to the theatre of Dionysus and the learned about the famous Greek plays such as Electra and Media. I thought this was really cool because one year in school my sister put on the play Electra and it was really cool to see were the original used to be played. I also thought it was neat to sit in the seats that many ancient Greek people used to sit in to watch famous plays. But all in all I liked everything


Last Updated: May 14, 2003

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