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Over the years that we have toured with our family, we have discovered that kids really don’t need many toys on a bicycle. Anya and Yvonne have always created great games from the items they have found along the way: a seashell castle, a fairy house made of moss in the hole of a stump, a swing made from rope and a large piece of wood, or a tea party from pieces of sea glass and Sierra cups filled with mud. Often they prefer the excitement of a small gift bought en route such as a coloring book, a cassette tape, or a new book to read, to plastic toys carted from home. And somehow our panniers always get filled with the “treasures” we pick up as we go--special sea shells, a bottle with Japanese writing that landed on the shore, a favorite rock or a rag doll found by the side of the road.

However, although their Mom and Dad may complain about the extra weight, even on a 15,000 mile ride around the world, they won’t be leaving without these items:

  • Yvonne’s baby blanket (we hate to admit how many times we have had to cycle back down the road to find her blanket-- forgotten at a picnic spot or in the campground!)
  • 1 stuffed animal per child (we made the mistake of taking along Anya’s most treasured pink bunny on our Alaska tour, and it fell out of the bicycle trailer two days before the end of the ride; she was heartbroken for months)
  • Cassette tapes (with music--which Anya is crazy about--and stories)
  • Tape recorder/radio combination
  • Crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks and paper (for art projects, letters, homework etc)
  • A personal journal each to record their memories and adventures
  • 1 deck of cards

Updated: Nov 23, 2001

Thanks to our sponsors!

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