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Guest Book

Thanks for visiting our Guest Book. If you would like to add your own comments we'd love to hear from you. Just email us at:

August 22, 2004

I myself am a 14 year old asthmatic and i was just emailing you to give out my support to what you are doing. I first heard of the idea in Port Burwell, we were just recently camping there and saw you n your family at the local resturant but I unfortunately did not get a chance to say hello and so therefore am doing it now. Keep up the good work, very proud!

Chiara, London Ontario, Canada

August 17, 2004
You guys helped my daughter, Emily, on the trail in Minnesota. I'm her mom. I want to thank you for all your help when she crashed on the trail near Albany on her bike. The doctors were quite pleased how she was doctored up, iced, etc. She ended up with a broken arm, so she has a bright pink cast for the next several weeks. I would like to donate to your "Bike for Breath" cause if you can tell me where I can send my donation.

April 2, 2004

I don't know any other way to start this note.


Asthma has been a part of my life and still is for my whole life. I am now 41 year old male from Ontario Canada.

Biking has become a part of my life recently too. Asthma still is a large part of my life, inhalers near by all the time, a few attacks during the year no matter how hard i regulate my life. (Perfume in church, yuk)

Your family are doing a truly great thing and I'll be sending in a donation.

Could you tell me somehow when you will be going through Ontario, Canada so i might be able to bike along with you for a little while. Just being a very small part of this adventure would be a great thing. If there is some way I could help your group here in Ontario, I would be honoured. If you need a place to put your tent or a meal(s) i am more then happy to help.

Please email me back so I'll know how to follow your progress, or when you know your schedule in Canada.


Very Best Regards,

April 2, 2004

Subject: Saw you in Kaiapoi, New Zealand
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 13:46:31 +1200

Saw you in Kaiapoi, (just north of Christchurch) New Zealand yesterday. We went past you twice. Gosh, you're keen riding those bikes so far from home. Just been to your website and been reading through what you've been up to.... GREAT!

We could see that the youngest girl was enjoying herself.... she was looking all around and not where she was going. At least, I doubt if she could see past her fathers back anyway! Poor thing, I reckon her legs only just reached those pedals, but never mind, you can see she's brave.... and yes, she was working very hard indeed. I bet she sleeps at night!

The girl on the bike behind her Mother looked like she meant business. (You were riding into a head wind "Southwester" with a grim set face at the time we saw you and we could see you intended to catch up with your father and sister who were somewhat ahead.)

I don't know how you manage all the hill's, particularly with riding so very far as you've done. I expect it's a case of just putting your best foot forward. (laughing heartily) If it was I who was on a bike on a hill, I believe I'd lose patience and hitch a ride in the nearest car.

The best of luck in your adventure and try not to get lost on some back road or run down by one of our stupid Kiwi drivers, as no doubt you have friends and family who are waiting for your safe arrival home... I mean, just take care.

Wishing you a safe and successful journey.


Jan 31, 2004
Dear Lorenz, Paula, Anya, Yvonne.

Thank you for your card from Thailand. I often go to the library and watch your newsletters and photos on the computer. I love to write letters by hand, but this is my first chance to use email (helped by my second daughter Akiko.)

Yoichi, Japan

Sat, 17 Jan 2004
Greetings from Washington State!

We're snowed in today so I checked out Bike Bits and saw your adventure. I've already added it to MY Favorites and we check it often. Although I don't gasp for breath, I've got an exercise- induced asthma condition and use an inhaler when I ride. I did a X-country ride this spring and rode part of the Mississippi this fall. I'm thinking the Lewis & Clark trail might be my next trip, but I'm in total awe of your trip. I wish I was with you, but will have to settle for watching by computer for awhile.

Fellow Rider,
Becky, USA

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004
Dear Ebers,
I stumbled upon your site through Adventure Cycling's e-newsletter. I must say, it was wonderful to hear of you all and your commitment to furthering the research of asthma, and your commitment to adventure, travel, and most of all, biking. I am a moutain biker originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I also have asthma. You all are spreading hope to many people, and inspiration to those such as myself who daily struggle with shortness of breath, inhalers, (I have a proventil that I take everywhere:-)), and the stigma of those with asthma. However, your mission is proof that asthma does not have to control people's lives. All the best to you!

a fellow biker
Ryan, USA

Dear Ebers,
You have certainly covered a lot of ground since we last met back in Rhodos, Greece. I trust that it is all going well & that the fun & adventures are still plentiful.

I have emailed my father your website for a bit of inspiration as I am determined to get him to realise one of his childhood dreams which is to ride from Cairns (nth Queensland) to Sydney. Dad has even gone out and made a few tentative enquiries about buying a tandem. It will happen all in good time, I am sure.

Keep pedalling & ride safe.
Meredith (Australian Cyclist from Rhodes)

It was a thrill to read your recent letter. Thank you so much for taking time to write such a descriptive and coherent message. I know how hard it can be to do this while on the road.

Anyways...I (we) can't wait for your return. It will be tremendous to show this country that with sacrifice, determination, creativity and a bicycle you can really make a difference.

Jonathan Maus, Spokesman for Old Man Mountain Products and Arkel

Dearest Ebers,
Thank You for all your wonderful newsletters!!! They have taken us away for the moments and brought us to you!! What an adventure!!! We hope and pray you are all well and safe and happy!! You all are the most amazing people we know!!!

I'm sure the experience is so great, it is impossible to relate it to others, but your beautifully written newsletters, Paula, make it as real as it can be for us here! God's Blessings to you all...

Karen Nial, Bree, Baily, & Bryka too! Wisconsin USA

Dear Ebers:

It was an unforgettable experience for us to know your family. We have learned much from you especially the courage you show. When I came back to the room that Anya and Yvonne stayed, I found three words were written on the blackboard-----I Love Taiwan. I was touched and felt very happy. May you have a safe and sucessful world cycling, and maybe someday we will meet in Bainbridge Island. Merry Christmas!

Joe and Hedy, Taiwan

We spent nine brilliant days in Mongolia with the Eber Family and we want to say thank you guys for a great time. We think about you alot and wonder how you're doing. You are an amazing family and we are glad that we came across your trip around the world. By the way, hope you enjoyed biking in Beijing because so did we. Can't wait to come an visit you for some downhill exercise. Take care and keep smiling (and biking)!!
Sara and Lisa "the crazy swedes"

Thanks to the inspiration you provided us, Alessandra and I have both seriously stepped up our own bicycling efforts. It is such a wonderful way to exercise and to see and experience the beautiful countryside of Veneto. Even more important, the example of your family - close-knit, happy, and commited to making a difference in the world -remains a model for us to aspire to.
Jim and Alessandra, Italy

Ich denke jedesmal, wenn ein starker Regen oder Gewitter kommt, hoffentlich habt Ihr einen Unterschlupf. Ihr seid eine unwahrscheinlich sympathische Familie und ich wŁnsche Euch auch weiterhin gute Fahrt und viel Erfolg im Sinne Eurer Botschaft...
Gisela, Germany

I am enjoying your newletters!! You all inspire me so much!
Ellen USA

Last Updated: August 22, 2004

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