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Photo Gallery: USA

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Departure Send-Off Party (May 2, 2003) Barrackpore Clinic General Photos

Description Date Posted Size (Bytes)  
After failing to stop at the trout stream, the stagnant water gods wrath was evident. They Were Lost in the wilderness... 8/22/2004 75,925 View
Camping next to the trout stream. 8/22/2004 78,569 View
Hey! That's a trout stream in the background! WHY are you bothering riding any further. 8/22/2004 99,736 View
Crossing the COntinental Divide 8/22/2004 102,807 View
Miles and miles of... nuttin. 8/22/2004 297,587 View
A Montana mountain stream. 8/22/2004 105,553 View
The Montana state line. Big hill getting here, but little do the Ebers know what the rest of Montana is (bigger hills). 8/22/2004 105,018 View
Stopping at a country store in Montana 8/22/2004 98,703 View
Lewis and Clark? 8/22/2004 65,634 View

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