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Photo Gallery: New Zealand

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Departure Send-Off Party (May 2, 2003) Barrackpore Clinic General Photos

Description Date Posted Size (Bytes)  
After Yvonne escaped from the boiling cauldron, Anya found that sisterly love is a two-way affair. Here Lorenz fishes for the poached remains of Anya.. 6/1/2004 78,822 View
Heh, just tossed Yvonne in... 6/1/2004 312,699 View
Mount Ruapehu on New Zealand's North Island 6/1/2004 32,381 View
Biking in New Zealand, near the Bay of Plenty. 5/29/2004 71,366 View
All that biking, and no one got hurt. Then a little sisterly horseplay (off the bikes) and wham -- a broken foot. 5/29/2004 80,027 View

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