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Photo Gallery: England

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Departure Send-Off Party (May 2, 2003) Barrackpore Clinic General Photos

Description Date Posted Size (Bytes)  
What would England be without a WW-II Spitfire in every paddock? 8/31/2003 82,386 View
What would camping be without rain? 8/31/2003 89,921 View
This way to Stonehenge... 8/31/2003 51,458 View
A Really Quiet™ country lane. 8/31/2003 90,487 View
This is what happens when you ride on a Really Quiet™ country lane. 8/31/2003 88,369 View
A quiet country lane: just us and the horses. 8/31/2003 60,674 View
We swore we wouldn't ride thru London due to the dangers of a congested urban area. So here we are: in Central London on our bikes. 8/31/2003 78,971 View
Outside the train station. All of our gear is first rate, thanks to our sponsors. You can see in this photo that we no longer look like showroom fashion plates, thanks to so many hard mile of riding. We're certain that things will look even more well-used by the time we reach Asia. 8/31/2003 70,530 View
We made it to England! 8/31/2003 84,489 View

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